If you want to customize just by replacing or leaving something out, (ex: replace sun with moon and stars), this is easy and free! If it's something I need to order, we can talk about the cost and go from there!

We offer a great variety of adventure based designs for dogs who love to explore, coastal designs for the water lovers, floral designs, and even a selection of "foodie" designs!

I am always happy to create custom orders! Send me a message through the etsy shop, and we can work on something together! If you want something just a little different than what you see listed I can easily customize your pets tag! If you have a whole new idea I would love to be part of that as well, talk to me and we can see what we can do! :)

Hand stamped pet ID tags for your best friend.



Established in 2019, located in Maryland

SO what is a tumbleweed, anyway?

You might think we live in the desert, and maybe you're picturing a Western cowboy shoot out, tumbleweed quietly blowing by. Not quite!


TUMBLEWEED: Tuft of dog [pet] [golden retriever] hair, billowing across your floor regardless of the fact that you just swept, vacuumed, or cleaned.