We would love to share some of our favorite products with you as we discover them! We have some prior experience with a holistic vet, and have learned some things along the way that might help! We are certainly no experts, and don't know much about diet, or raw feeding so we can't offer much insight there. Do your own research :)

Hand stamped pet ID tags for your best friend.

PET INSURANCE !!! I can't recommend this enough. I wouldn't know where to start, but after not using ours for 6 years, we needed it a lot, and were so happy to have it!

Canny collar - an over the nose collar - if your dog pulls, it pulls his head which is of course he/she does not want! We had tried this before and gave up easily, but it wasn't until Cooper had a quick training session, AND I was quickly trained on how to teach him to follow my instructions with the collar, that it began to work for us.

Chais choice harness - for the less stubborn puller - this works best for us when clipped in the front, which pulls their body towards you if they pull. (Some dogs are much too strong, and stubborn, to have a leash clipped to their collar or the top of a harness)

Dr. Harveys dehydrated foods - top quality, Cooper loves his veggies (paradigm formula), and this helped him to lose a few pounds when we added more of this and took away just a bit of his kibble.

Farmina dry foods - Please consult with a vet or do your own research, but this is a brand we trust that was on a list given to us by our holistic vet, some versions are available on chewy.com, if yours isn't there, we use Farminas official site.