Hand stamped pet ID tags for your best friend.

Shop dogs: Cooper is top dog, CEO, oversees production, and models. Cali is a pink nosed angel in heaven inspiring us from above. Cali was the happiest girl I've ever known, she was always smiling. You might be thinking, yeah, sure, all dogs are happy. But I can tell you she was different, and she loved us so hard. And everyone else. As I sit here now, Cooper lays on the floor, quietly, maybe looking up to see what I'm eating and if he might get a piece. Cali, if you looked at her and she caught you looking and made eye contact with you she would start smiling and immediately get up and come to you, like, "hi!" "love?!?". This was her, all day, every day, until the very end. She was only with us 6 1/2 short years, but the amount of love she gave us was enough to last a lifetime. Cooper is a happy, goofy guy, too, in his own Cooper ways, and of course loves us equally as much. The guy loves bridges (tunnels, through your legs), playing outside, with us, and the color red...frisbee, ball, you name it. REESE - NEW SHOP PUPPERINO COMING SOON. HIRED ON AS ASSISTANT TO THE CEO. Pupdate: The peanut butter cup is here! She's a wild one. *She's 1 1/2 now and has balanced out pretty well, she is a bit sassy, independent, and overly excited because she loves all kids, people, and dogs, SO much.

hand stamped pet ID tags made just for your best friend

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